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Save time and money while making it easier to keep your site running smoothly. Dedicated WordPress hosting is an investment that can pay off handsomely for your business. 


WordPress is a content management system that is used by millions of people around the world. While it is incredibly versatile and easy to use, it still requires regular maintenance in order to keep it running smoothly. 


Here are 10 aspects of WordPress maintenance that should be kept in mind. Let us to look after your website email us at info@cloudwebsitehosting.ie



Making sure your WordPress site has a design that is both visually appealing and user-friendly can take some work. 

If you’re not a designer yourself, consider hiring someone to help you create a look that represents your brand well.



The layout of your website should be easy to navigate and logical. 

Organizing your content in a way that makes sense will help reduce confusion and frustration for visitors.



Keep an eye on the plugins you have installed on your WordPress site. 

Occasionally check for updates and deactivate any that you’re not using. Having too many plugins can slow down your site and make it more vulnerable to security threats.



As with plugins, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the theme you’re using on your WordPress site. 

This will help ensure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress as well as keeping your site’s design fresh.



Keep your WordPress site updated to the latest version. 

This will ensure that you have the latest security patches and features.



Keep a backup of your WordPress site so you can restore it if it gets hacked or corrupted.

If you’re a WordPress user, then you know how important it is to have a backup of your site. A backup will allow you to restore your site if something goes wrong.

Bot Protection


Block bad IP addresses and malicious user agents with a security plugin.

Bot Protection is an essential aspect for any WordPress site. It helps to identify and block malicious traffic, protect from attacks like Dictionary attacks, Web Scraping, XMLRPC attacks, and Brute Force attacks. It also helps to reduce server resource usage for WordPress applications.

WordPress is a popular content management system that powers millions of websites around the world. Unfortunately, WordPress sites are also a prime target for bots, which can be used to exploit vulnerabilities and launch attacks. The good news is that there are a number of steps we can take to protect your WordPress site from bots. 



WordPress sites can sometimes suffer from performance issues due to inefficient code, excessive plugins, and large amounts of data. As a result, website visitors may be faced with slow page loading times, which can lead to frustration and a loss of potential customers. 

There are several things you can do to optimise your WordPress site performance and speed up your pages. One is to use a caching plugin, which stores a copy of your website’s data and serves it to visitors instead of making them wait for the site to load from scratch each time. See top seven ways to make your website perform better.



It’s important to monitor your site’s performance to ensure that it is running as efficiently as possible. 

There are a number of tools that you can use to do this, but one of the most popular is Google’s PageSpeed Insights. This tool will give you a report on your site’s performance and suggest ways to improve it.

Review SEO


Review your websites SEO. One of the most important parts of SEO is making sure your site is well-optimized. 

Use the right meta tags, keywords, and schema markup to ensure that your site appears high in search engine results pages. Of course, none of this will matter if your site’s content isn’t up to scratch. That’s why it’s important to regularly review your site’s SEO and make sure that everything is in order. By taking the time to do this, you can help ensure that your site always ranks highly in search engine results pages.

The perfect website environment

In addition to world-class cloud hosting, we also have the expertise to maintain or manage your website.

WordPress Services

Maintaining a website can be a challenge, especially for businesses that don’t have an in-house web development team. That’s where we come in.

Website hosting + maintain

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Website maintenance is essential for any business with an online presence. Our team of experts will take care of all the updates for you so you can focus on your business. We also offer cloud hosting services that are perfect for small businesses who want the power and security of a big company’s hosting without the high price tag.


Page SEO

Onpage seo is the process of optimising your website’s content and structure in order to improve your ranking in search engines like Google. It’s important to make sure that your website is easy to navigate and load quickly.

By implementing best user experience practices, you can improve your chances of ranking high on search engine results pages.

Page SEO

There are a number of factors that go into onpage seo, but some of the most important include the quality and relevance of your content, the use of keywords and other phrases, and the overall structure of your website. 

By making sure that your website is optimised for search engines, you can make it much easier for potential customers to find you online.


Because onpage SEO is an important part of getting a high ranking on search engines, it is essential for any business that wants to be successful online. By optimising their website for onpage SEO, businesses can ensure that they are visible to their target audience and that they are able to attract new customers.